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Specialist Tyres stock a wide range of electric vehicle tyres. An emerging, but rapidly developing market - EV tyres are becoming increasingly popular as sales of electric vehicles rise.

As of 2022, 137,498 new electric cars have been sold in the UK, giving them a 14% share of the car market in the UK.

What are EV tyres?

Electric vehicle tyres are a category of tyre that has been developed by several manufacturers to meet the specific requirements of an electric vehicle.


Although not reinventing the wheel, tyres developed specifically for electric vehicles do need to perform to specific criteria. Namely, but not exclusively, the extra weight of an electric vehicle - which could lead to longer braking distances on conventiional tyres - and the instant torque of an electric vehicle, which can result in increased an excessive tyre wear on conventional tyres.

Low noise Db is very important due the the vehicle being electric and having no engine sound. A quiet tyre is recommended to reduce road noise.

The difference between EV tyres and normal car tyres

To deal with the greater weight of electric and hybrid vehicles, electric car tyres tend to be constructed with a reinforced sidewall. Load distribution across the tyre is also taken into consideration.


Unique tread compound composition can be found in tyres designed specifically for an electric car, with a high proportion of silica often be used to deliver greater tread elasticity – reducing energy los and improving rolling resistance.


Grip and braking on high torque vehicles are dealt with thanks to tread patterns that have been specially developed for aerodynamics and grip - even at high speeds.

Electric Vehicle Tyres

Recommended EV Tyres

Michelin Pilot Sport EV Acoustic

Continental Eco Contact 6

Bridgestone Turanza Eco

Hankook Ventus iON S IK01 

Davanti DX640 (DX range)

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