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At Specialist Tyres we work on some of the UK'a top show cars when it comes to Wheels & Tyres.

Here we have some of our Personal, Customers & Friends cars who have been featured in Various Magazines in the UK inc Worldwide.

Faz Ahmed's BMW E30 has had two front cover features for Performance BMW Magazine in April 2014 and BMW POWER Magazine Germany October 2015

Performance Bmw Magazine Specialist Tyres
Bmw Power Magazine Specialist Tyres
performance bmw e21 specialist tyres

Prakash Thanky & Becky's Front cover of Performance BMW Magazine for the e21 Extravaganza

100% tuning Fast car magazine specialist tyres

Faz Ahmed's E30 in Fast Car Magazine on the 100% Tuning Car Show in Rotterdam, Holland.

Rix Sidhu on the front cover of Performance Vauxhall Magazine with his 540BHP Astra SRI Turbo.

performance vauxhall Nick Rance irn bru specialist tyres

Nick Rance with his Astra GSI "IRN BRU" front cover on Performance Vauxhall Magazine.

performance bmw magazine specialist tyres matt clifford

Matt Clifford's Bagged 840 on the cover of Performance BMW Magazine

Fast Ford Magazie Specialist Tyres

Stephen Dean's Stealthy 340BHP ST on the front cover of Fast Ford Magazine.

honda tuner magazine aaron gemmel specialist tyres

Aaron Gemmel & Ben Barnes  Honda Civic's front cover of Honda Tuner Magazine

Ross Bradley's BMW V8 TWIN TURBO on the front cover of PBMW Magazine

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